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CG Update - March 2019

People News

At the end of March we are losing two long standing staff members. Raewyn Goscomb joined Candy Tappin as a school leaver, left for OE and child rearing years before becoming the right hand and go to person for clients of firstly Jim Kyle and then Craig Taylor. Raewyn and Leon are moving to the sunny climate of Blenheim.

Anne Gillespie is also retiring after a long, desperate, and yet brave effort of keeping her husband on the straight and narrow. John Gillespie is also significantly reducing his time at the office.

Event of the year to date has been the celebration of Keith Rea's milestone of 50 years with the firm after starting as a school leaver in 1969.   

Recent additions to our staff in 2019 have been Stacey Shearman and a returning Lynette Yetman.

New Directors

The office also welcomes two new directors and owners of Candy Gillespie Ltd. Staff members Heath Tapper and Michael Candy will take up their new roles in April.

End of Financial Year

Every year we plead with and beg clients to complete and return the green questionnaire form, one year we even offered a prize, and that didn't work either. This form is your instruction to us to compile your accounts and tax returns. It is integral to our system to have that form on file. Please do not ignore it even if you think there is nothing to fill out on it, please sign and send it in.


A 33% rebate is available for cash contributions to registered charities in the education, religious and philanthropic fields. Rebate applications are made to IRD and we can do this for you if you send in all your donation receipts with your green questionnaire.

Wages & Payroll

A minimum wage increase to $17.70 per hour comes into effect on April 1st. For 16 to 19 year olds on training or starting wages the rate is $14.16.

The Domestic Violence Victims Protection Act comes into being on April 1st entitling victims to two weeks paid leave every twelve months.

Payday filing is compulsory from 1st April 2019. For employers, enclosed is a summary on what you need to know. 

Post Dated Cheques

The IRD will no longer hold post-dated cheques until the nominated date and our postal system has become unreliable in terms of delivery time. If you are paying tax commitments by cheque, please allow plenty of time for delivery and accept that the cheque will be presented when received.

IRD are pushing for all payments to be made electronically. If you choose to pay your taxes electronically, please make sure that you load the correct IRD number, tax type code and the period for which that payment applies. 

Trial Balance - December 2018

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In this issue

  • Are you managing all aspects of risk in your business
  • Write attention-grabbing headlines
  • Tool helps track Kiwisaver
  • Proposed new rules for GST on low value imported goods announced
  • Claiming business expenses
  • Get an NZBN
  • Food businesses - do you need to register
  • ACC levies
  • Tax calendar
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Planning: Tips and tools to help you start a business
  • Another home business calculation
  • Are you owed an ACC levy refund
  • Five key features of Kiwisaver changes
  • Capital gains tax
  • Updating your will
  • Are you making good use of your business cards
  • Are you a gig worker?
  • Quick tips to make your life easier

Trial Balance - September 2018

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In this issue:
  • Location the key to success
  • Cracking down on cartels
  • Kiwisaver - 5 key features of changes
  • Entity for owning rental property
  • Deemed dividends
  • New rules for PAYE
  • Payments for babies born or due from 1 July
  • Home business requires discipline
  • Tax calendar
  • Quick cash flow tip
  • Never too old?
  • Get rid of email prompts - and keep working
  • A going concern
  • 10 reasons you need help to grow your business
  • Rental losses law change coming
  • Mischief of family trusts
  • Are they an employee, or an independent contractor?
  • Get ready for payday filing
  • Complying with the AML/CFT legislation

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